Kara’s Videos

Kara Barnard’s Videos

These videos accompany the instruction books Kara has created to help players learn quickly and gain confidence. (Click here.)

This YouTube channel features the videos that accompany the dulcimer workshops and lessons Kara gives in person or online. (Offsite link)

Enjoy a few videos of Kara playing live over the years. You’ll find several embedded them in this page. Enjoy! (Click here.)

Listen to some of Kara’s albums on YouTube. (Click here.)

Kara’s Instruction Book Videos

A graphic showing the Lessons with Kara logo and the covers of four of her instruction books.

Each set of instructional videos on the “Kara’s Music Books” YouTube Channel is its own playlist. Use the links above to get there quickly.

If you find yourself on the main YouTube channel for Kara’s Music Books for some reason, you’ll see all the videos for all the books. To find just the videos for your book from there, click the “Playlists” tab.

Performance Videos and More

Bing Futch’s Podcast “Dulcimerica” Episode #89 featuring Kara

Episode #89 – From the Yellowbanks Dulcimer Festival in Owensboro, Kentucky (2008) – a look around the park and Kara Barnard’s performance and her reaction to Bing’s set.

Episode #90 – Continued from the previous episode – Kara Barnard calls Bing up during her Saturday evening set for, as promised, some improvisational fun on mountain dulcimer at the Yellowbanks Dulcimer Festival in Owensboro,

Kara Barnard’s Silver Strings

Silver Strings® is a mountain dulcimer training program for older adults designed by Kara Barnard. The mission of Silver Strings is to provide participants with social, physical, and mental benefits while teaching them to play a musical instrument. The curriculum is specifically tailored to meet age-specific needs and is taught in a group setting. Learn more about Kara’s Silver Strings by clicking here.

Traditonal Arts Indiana brings you Kara’s Sliver Strings at the Salem Public Library.

From WTIU’s Journey Indiana program

Femmes Blu Festival

The 2010 Femmes Blu Festival was a night of the blues featuring an all female band with Kara on guitar.

Blu Festival Trailer

“Meet Me With Your Black Drawers On”

Kara and Pam at the 32nd Gebhard Woods Dulcimer and Traditional Music Festival

Highlights from the 32nd Gebhard Woods Festival on June 11-12, 2022, at Goold Park in Morris IL. Kara and Pam performed a set of material.

Tory Trujillo, Kara Barnard, and Rachel Alexander

Tory Trujillo, Kara Barnard, and Rachel Alexander at the Kalamazoo First Congregational UCC on November 8th, 2014, playing the title cut “Still Point” from Tory’s CD “Still Point ~ Music for Healing” and “Love in the Middle” by Ruthie Foster.

Kara and Jamie Anderson

Jamie Anderson and Kara Barnard were filmed in concert November 15. 2008. The concert was presented by Charlotte’s Web at JustGoods Listening Room. Recorded by Snapshotmusic.

“Your Mama Scares Me” by Jamie Anderson

“Drive All Night” by Jamie Anderson

Listen to Kara Barnard’s Albums on YouTube
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