Kara’s Cartoons and Artwork

Kara Barnard’s Cartoons and Artwork

Little known fact: Kara’s been creating visual art longer than she’s been creating music, and as one might expect, she’s really good at it.

Select from the three links below to view just a few examples of Kara Barnard’s cartoons and artwork.

“Cartoon Cartography”
Album covers, art prints, brochures, etc.

Kara occasionally accepts visual art projects but generally prefers to focus on her teaching. 


A photo of one of Kara Barnard's "Cartoon Cartography" maps being created.

Kara calls her unique hand-drawn maps “cartoon cartography.” She has created them for several Indiana locations including the cities of Nashville, Bloomington, and Bedford. 

Finished size for maps varies, but most are around 2′ X 3′. 

You can click to enlarge the maps below.


Kara’s cartoons have been featured in many national and regional publications over the years. Here’s just a tiny selection. 

Click to open the cartoons in a lightbox.

Check out more cartoons on the Karatoons Facebook page and the Cartoons by Kara Barnard website.


Click to open these designs in a lightbox.

Kara creates signage, murals, company logos, stationary, holiday cards, posters, flyers, book covers, brochures, and wearable designs.

All projects are created to your specifications and delivered promptly. 

For a quote or for questions regarding Kara Barnard’s cartoons and artwork, please contact Kara.

Background image of a row of hands, based on a drawing by Kara Barnard
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