The Barnard Sisters

The Barnard Sisters

A photo of Kara Barnard and her sister Pam Barnard Hays, The Barnard Sisters.

What do you get when you add a guitar, a mandolin, a banjo, an autoharp, a mountain dulcimer, and a musical saw to a sturdy pair of clogging shoes and two singing sisters? 

The Barnard Sisters!

Kara and Pam Barnard, The Barnard Sisters, were regularly tossed on stage by their mother’s singing group and made several television appearances as (self-proclaimed) stage props. Their mother, Kay Allen, is still a performing singer and their late father Ralph “Banjo Man” Barnard never passed up the opportunity to be heard by the masses! They proudly lay claim to being descended from a host of bizarre vaudevillian relatives.

(r) Pam and Kara performing in the early eighties.

Kara and Pam Barnard performing years before they started performing as the Barnard Sisters.
The Barnard Sisters at a performance. Kara and Pam are both playing mandolins.

Multi-instrumentalists Kara Barnard and Pam Barnard Hays began performing as The Barnard Sisters back in 1989—performing regularly at the Daily Grind Coffee House in Nashville, Indiana. The two went on to record three CDs together, appear in five episodes of the PBS series Btown Sounds, and open for many national acts including James Taylor, Wynonna, Dave Matthews, REO Speedwagon, and Fleetwood Mac on the famed Deer Creek Plaza Stage.

Pam Barnard Hays spent several summers performing in various Indiana theaters, before moving to Washington D.C. where she was soon working with a comedy improvisation group. Having since moved to Charleston, South Carolina, Pam now works as an actor and voiceover artist when she’s not performing with The Barnard Sisters. 

A closeup of a smiling Pam Barnard Hayes at a concert.
A photo of The Barnard Sisters with their late father. Kara is playing a guitar, Pam is playing a mandolin, and their dad is playing a banjo.

Kara Barnard tours and records with some of the top independent musicians in the country. She’s been written about in many magazines including Acoustic Guitar and SingOut! and is currently heard on radio stations from Hawaii to New York.

The Barnard Sisters perform mostly in Indiana and South Carolina. Check out their Facebook page for the latest information and to find out about upcoming performances.

(l) Pam and Kara pictured with their late father.

The Barnard Sisters with their mom, Kay Allen, singing Townes Van Zandt’s “If I Needed You.”

Background image of a row of hands, based on a drawing by Kara Barnard
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