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kara’s instruction book videos

Each set of instructional videos on the “Kara’s Music Books” YouTube Channel is its own playlist. Use the links above to get there quickly.

If you find yourself on the main YouTube channel for Kara’s Music Books for some reason, you’ll see all the videos for all the books. To find just the videos for your book from there, click the “Playlists” tab.

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If you’d like to order any of the instruction books, click here. Hard copies sent via snail mail are $25 each, pdf copies are $20 each. Questions? Contact Kara.

About Kara Barnard

A photo of Kara in her yard sitting in the grass. Her arm is around Dobie Jo.
Kara and Dobie Jo
Kara Barnard is a nationally recognized multi-instrumentalist, instructor, singer/songwriter, and artist.

She is the 2022 Walnut Valley Festival National Mountain Dulcimer contest champion.

On this website you can learn more about her lesson programs, listen to her music, watch some select performances, purchase CD’s, view artwork, and find out more about Kara.

Kara’s Projects

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“Kara Barnard is a fine instrumentalist whose talents have graced recordings by many artists as well as her own releases. Often when a performer takes a do-it-all-yourself approach to a recording, it becomes readily apparent that they are more comfortable with one instrument over another. This is not the case with Kara. Although she is a fine guitarist she also shines on mandolin, octave mandolin, Autoharp, mountain dulcimer and banjo.” — Sing Out magazine

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Brown Country Waltz
(Bluegrass Instrumentals)

(with Troy Seele)

The Water’s Edge
(with Troy Seele)

Cheshire Cat Moon
(Kara’s First Solo Album)

Purchase or stream individual tracks or whole albums.

Most of Kara’s CDs are available for purchase through this website. 

Of Note

Kara won the 2022 National Mountain Dulcimer Championships at the Walnut Valley Festival.
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